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Premium manufacturers of high quality and durable plumbing solutions. 

Parana Pipes stands for innovation and setting new trends in the piping industry. Bringing newer piping technologies and continuous innovation in existing as well as new products has been our focal point. We are known for its compromise-free quality and exceeding consumer’s expectations. Right from introducing new piping technologies to innovative brand communications, our brand mission has been to maintain and grow a commanding presence in the minds of customers and to deliver promised values, consistently.

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Parana Pipes is headquartered in Telangana and is among the market leader in piping and related products segment. The company cherishes a strong reputation for the high quality products and strong distribution network. The Management Team of Parana Pipes Limited is led by young, energetic and dynamic leaders. Today, we cover the needs of millions of households, while adding extra mileage to India’s developing real estate fraternity with the hallmark of unbeaten quality.

Parana Pipes aims to be a truly global, high-performing organisation delivering quality products and services to its customers and attain leadership position in the industries we operate in.

Our values are aimed at creating an innovative, high-performance organization commited towards providing quality products to our customers. These values define our conduct with customers, partners, shareholders, employees, and society.


Parana Pipes Pvt Ltd was started in 2020 by Mr. Srinivas, Mr. Sadanand Reddy and Mrs. Lalita Srinivas.

Mr. Srinivas is a seasoned entreprenur based out of Johannesburg in South Africa and has led several successful businesses in retail and hospitality. Mr. Srinivas is responsible for investor management, budgeting and strategy.


Mr.Sadanand Reddy is associated with JSW Group as a distributor for Cement, Paints and Steel. He has acquired vast industry knowledge through his travels abroad and is well connected in the local regulatory circles. At Parana Pipes Pvt Ltd, he has the overall responsibility for operations, support and business development activities.


Mrs. Lalita Srinivas is a senior marketing professional and is reponsible for all the branding, marketing and digital initiatives at Parana Pipes Pvt Ltd.


Together, they make an excellent team and are poised to take Parana Pipes to newer heights.













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